Petty Woman (feat. Brandi Salgod)

by Montzerratt



This is my second 2017 single. "Petty Woman" is a nudisco/hiphop track collaboration with my good friend, Brandi Salgod. The track is inspired from 90s house and hiphop. Sounds like early Daft Punk, Chic, Studio 54 jams, and The Notorious B.I.G.


"Only with you
I've been thinking about it
Fast in the way uh the goddess
Always petty enough
Luh-Luh-Lovin' me crazy
Late with uh diva

Maybe its you
For the dreaming
El Paso been hell for the longest
Short for the living
Clutching our shift in uh moment
We gone in a second
I let you know for the real

I got it in style
All in the side uh the wild
Mildly in flow for the cash
Pass me up in a flash
Bet its me for the longest
Bet you wish we was talking
Offer me more than the love
Rushing the spot
Dead in the back uh the whip for the driving
Drunk in the night for the motion
Overly throwed in uh moment

Pour me uh measure
To grow like the roses
Know its been you for the longest
Lottery living to finish the business
I'm busted an out for the cash
Live it like Johnny in Folsom
Dope in the blues

Maybe its true that I'm living
All of it better in minutes
Baby ya living uh lie
Working the tide
We moon and the stars and the sun uh the light
All by the high
Killing me slowly
Feeling it rough but I'm grooving
Feeling it tough like I'm bruising
Feeling it much for the music
It's all been the same
All for the faith that I'm living Adonis
Talking so much with uh baby
Just wait till you see me in grace

Elvis forever in classic
Needed that Jackson
Needed that glass for the drink that I'm having
We coming at riches
I'm finished in line with the mind
All of it wyling forever in night
All uh that stylin' to light
Rolling the dice
All of it mine for the taking
Breaking the record
I'm moving along
Feeling it heavy
I'm telling you maybe I'm crazy
Spacey the way I be floating
Overly going
Holy in visions uh glory
To raise up the water
Offer me dough
Offer me hoes
Offer me soul like you Marvin
Part uh the style that I'm taking
Use to go out to the Party
Too nervous for dancing
I'm at it again
Let it be open
Over the flavor
Over the flavor
Over the flavor"

Lyrics by Brandi Salgod ( INSTAGRAM: hiphopaesthetic )


released April 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Montzerratt El Paso, Texas

Montzerratt is an El Paso, Texas based electronic project. Montzerratt's music blends old rhythms, grooves, and aesthetics from the 70's & 80's with a modern sound.

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